Sunday Morning Word started in January of 2014 as a series of blog posts on my personal blog. Every Sunday, I would find a Christian spoken word poem on YouTube, share it on my blog, and then write my thoughts on it as well as provide examples from Scripture.

Over the years, Sunday Morning Word transitioned into full-on Bible teaching. While I still accompanied each post with a poem, the poetry became second tier to what was more important—sharing and explaining the word of God.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t always keep it up. With the weekly series crowded amid all the other content of my personal blog, I often lost sight of the importance and necessity of Sunday Morning Word. Months at a time, the series would go into hiatus, either because I didn’t have the poetic material, couldn’t think of a “word,” hadn’t studied my Bible that week, was too tired, didn’t feel like it; there was a plethora of excuses.

Then during a prayer revival and fast at my church, my pastor preached on the importance of responding quickly when you hear God’s call. That’s when I heard Him say in my heart that I needed to make Sunday Morning Word a priority, or I would lose my assignment. So I hankered down, committed to it, planned lessons, found Bible verses, become excited for all that God had planned for me.

And now here it is, Sunday Morning Word, a whole new site, and with much more content to share, including Bible teaching, a weekly Bible verse, a prayer to get you through the week, and of course, inspirational Christian spoken word poetry.

I would personally like to thank all artists whose videos I share on this website, especially members of the Passion for Christ Movement. In each and every one of your performances, you speak with such eloquence and grace and power to simplify the word of God and bring conviction through the Holy Spirit to anyone who may be listening or watching. I am grateful to share your art on Sunday Morning Word, and I will always give you your due credit.

And above everything, I thank God for this vision.

I hope you will stick around, follow, and subscribe, because I know you will truly be blessed with the word that God has instructed me to share.

I love you always and God bless.

Nortina Simmons